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Instantly communicate with employees on-site, whether they are around the corner, or around the world. Customize messaging per screen, floor, department or facility. Set-up is plug-n-play and takes seconds. Manage content from anywhere in the world.

Emergency Notices | Safety Reminders | Corporate Messaging | Employee Recognition

Instantly Communicate With Employees Anywhere in the World

Instant communications for emergency situations, active shooter alert, imminent danger, etc.
Safety reminders, messaging, or videos by department to prevent accidents & heighten awareness.
Stream corporate messaging, meeting reminders, product info & more.
Engage employees, announce events, recognize employees, etc.
Flat display screens can be strategically set up by floor, department, office, room etc.
Schedule messages, videos, content and more directly from your online dashboard via desktop, laptop or mobile device.
Customize messaging per screen, group, floor, department, etc.
Web-accessible dashboard, plug-n-play, user-friendly

Want to test it out? Contact us to learn more. Ask about our pilot program.

Call us at: 212-537-9080, x601 | Email us here.

 KloudSign is Already Deployed at World-Class Organizations

  • Cigna Global
  • Yale University Hospital
  • Yale Medical Center
  • Columbia University
  • Synechron
  • Sunbox (featured in The Apprentice on NBC)
  • First Credit Union
  • Hillsborough Board of Education
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Global Atlantic Insurance
  • Anesthesia Associates
  • Rodrigo Cigars
  • PAC
  • CF Miami
Digital content delivery and digital signage solutions for facilities.
Digital content delivery solutions
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Digital Signage for facilities - FacilityTV
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Contact us to learn more. Ask about our pilot program.

Call us at: 212-537-9080, x601 | Email us here.

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