The Challenges of Creating Content

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The Challenges of Creating Content

Marketers find creating content or keeping up with their blogs to be one of the most challenging marketing tasks, with 43% indicating that it simply takes too much time. But creating content doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Much of the material that you need to create valuable content is already at hand. Here are our top three suggestions for facilitating the process for you and your team.

1) Create an editorial calendar: Create a calendar with topics and posting dates to help you map out the schedule and plan. You don’t have to get fancy, just use Google Calendar or a simple Excel spreadsheet. Select topics of interest to your target audience and consider industry shows, seasonal product cycles, product launches, etc.

2) Assign team members on a rotating schedule: You don’t have to be responsible for writing every post. Assign different team members with areas of expertise matching your editorial calendar. Have a new product launch coming up? Then invite the product manager as a contributor. Has your technical team been receiving a specific kind of inquiry? Invite your tech manager to write a brief that answers those questions and offers additional information to your clients.

3) Reach out to partners, clients, and vendors: Your blog shouldn’t be all about you. Feature, interview, and invite partners, clients and vendors for a blog that offers depth and multiple points of view.